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An Amazing Week of Leadership!

Fourteen years ago, I developed the Poynter Leadership Academy, a large-scale program that draws high-potential leaders from across the world to the Poynter Institute. It's our most ambitious leadership program, which calls on the talents of nearly every faculty member.


Leadership Academy October 2014This year's group was just a delight. During the week, they received feedback on their leadership skills and challenges, studied performance management, motivation, leading creative people, coaching, time management, diversity, tough conversations, critical thinking and the effective use of using social media.


WideRobJillLA2014 RobJill2014Each Academy features a keynote called The Naughton Lecture, named in honor of Poynter's late, beloved president Jim Naughton.  This year's speaker was Rob King, senior VP of ESPN SportsCenter and News.  As you can see from these photos captured by my colleague, Kenny Irby, Rob is a dynamic speaker -- and leader.


Rob shared his personal journey as a leader as well as a parent. He pointed out the number of times he simply had to take a leap of faith that everything would turn out all right, even in the face of uncertainty. Rob's upbeat message about optimism and self-confidence in the face of change and challenge truly resonated with the class.



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How to Lead from Wherever You Are

PosterLeadfromWhereverYouAre   People sometimes tell me they hold back on taking initiative or responsibility beyond their current role, because they don't want to overstep their boundaries. I respect that concern. I also think people can be overly cautious and talk themselves out of acts of leadership.   There's a big difference between taking over, butting in, grabbing power -- and simply stepping up. That's what leaders do. They step up. Carefully. Collaboratively. Considerately. I think there are four ways you can be seen as a leader, no matter what your title.   I lay out those four in a column and podcast just published on Poynter.org. A simple click on this link will take you right to the column. Hope you enjoy -- and keep leading!  
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Closing the Gender Gap: Watch The Video

Here's video from "Closing the Gender Gap: A Forum on Women in Journalism Leadership," which I moderated this week at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. The focus was journalism, but the conversation covered issues that affect women in all professions.


With me on the panel (left to right) are Rachel Smolkin of Politico, Susan Goldberg of National Geographic, Madhulika Sikka of NPR, Carolyn Ryan of the New York Times, and Anders Gyllenhaal of McClatchy Newspapers.


As you will see, the audience is also filled with experts and lively voices!



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See You in Spartanburg – April 24th!

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Thought for the Day



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Listen: The “What Great Bosses Know” Podcast Collection



I often hear from people that I drive to work with them or go jogging with them -- or at least my voice does. That's because they've downloaded our free "What Great Bosses Know" Poynter podcasts from iTunesU. Click on this link and you can do that, too.


Here's another way to hear them. The collection is also housed on a site called Podomatic. We use that to embed the podcasts in my leadership columns on Poynter.org.


Give a listen:



If you have a topic you'd like me to address in a future podcast and column, just let me know!


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How to Be the Boss Employees Love

The most important thing leaders do is help other people succeed.  That's a given in my teaching.  I also teach that leadership is personal.  You can be an inspiring, brilliant, courageous leader -- and you will enhance all of that by sincerely caring about the people you lead. You show that by treating them as people, not just producers.  You find out the "secret sauce" to connecting with and motivating each one.  You remember that on day's like Valentine's Day, special things just might be going on in their lives.  You're happy for them -- and try your best to make sure that today, of all days, their work and life are in harmony. Valentineposter  
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Video: How Volunteering Can Be a Path to Management

Recently, I was interviewed by Poynter.org's Anna Li about establishing your leadership credentials, even before you are a manager in an organization.  Because I was promoted to management at a fairly young age, Anna wanted to know what got me on the radar as "management material."  Here's my reply:



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Video: Jill’s Advice for New Managers


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May Your Days Be Merry and Bright!


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