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Northwestern University Profiles Jill Geisler’s New “Q&A” Podcast

Northwestern University's Medill News Service featured a story on my new podcast for leaders. Many thanks to reporter Yunfei Zhao for asking good questions and weaving lots of sound with the pictures. You even get to see our dog Tugboat, who likes to listen in (or sleep) while I record podcasts in my home office. Here's the video story:



You can download the podcast series from iTunes U by clicking on this link.



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Listen: The “What Great Bosses Know” Podcast Collection



I often hear from people that I drive to work with them or go jogging with them -- or at least my voice does. That's because they've downloaded our free "What Great Bosses Know" Poynter podcasts from iTunesU. Click on this link and you can do that, too.


Here's another way to hear them. The collection is also housed on a site called Podomatic. We use that to embed the podcasts in my leadership columns on Poynter.org.


Give a listen:



If you have a topic you'd like me to address in a future podcast and column, just let me know!


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Umm, What If You’re Wrong, Boss?

Notbossy Funny mug, right?  I found it at the dollar store and bought it to remind myself how easy it is for managers to persuade themselves they're right.  But often, they're not.  They find out through evaluations, conversations -- and sometimes confrontations -- that they're doing something wrong.


That's when managers who aspire to be great bosses do something important: they act on the feedback. They take the steps necessary to fix a problem they caused or a behavior that's getting in their way. PoynterLogoFinalGreen


Those steps are the topic of my latest column on Poynter.org: When Bosses Fumble: Five Steps for Rebuilding Your Reputation. Just click on this link to read it.


And, for your listening pleasure, here's my companion podcast for the column:


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Top Spot on iTunes U: Jill Geisler’s “What Great Bosses Know” Podcasts

ItunesUJune30It's always a delight to see this on iTunes U.  Once again this week, the "What Great Bosses Know" podcasts are ranked #1 among the many wonderful educational collections on the site.

We began posting the podcasts in 2010.  It was the popularity of these brief, practical audio lessons that led to the book contract for "WORK HAPPY: WHAT GREAT BOSSES KNOW."

As of today, there are 129 different topics in the collection.  According to the statistics provided by the site, most people use their phones or iPads to download them.  When I wrote the book, I tried to use the same tone I bring to the podcasts.  Leadership shouldn't be a lecture when it can be a conversation.

WGBKiTunesUIf you'd like to download the "What Great Bosses Know" podcasts, just click on this link.

And if you have topics you'd like me to cover in future podcasts, feel free to send your ideas my way!

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