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Section One: All About You -- How Bosses Become Great

Chapter 1:  The Challenges and Joys of Management -- A Reality Check

Chapter 2:  What Employees Never Forget -- and Never Forgive (and Why They Don't Like Your Evil Twin)

Chapter 3:  How to Tap the Power Grid of Leadership

Chapter 4:   Manage Yourself,  So You Can Lead Others

Chapter 5:  You and Your Big Mouth: Communication Tips and Traps

Chapter 6:  To Win the Battle for Your Time, Talk Back to the Voices in Your Head

Section Two: All about Your Staff -- How Great Bosses Grow Great Employees

Chapter 7: You Should Not Treat Everyone the Same

Chapter 8:  Work Happy: Motivation That Really Matters, Boss

Chapter 9:  The Secret to Performance Management: Feedback

Chapter 10:  You Can't Be Too Nice for a Tough Talk: Negative Feedback is Necessary

Chapter 11:   Stop Fixing, Start Coaching

Section Three: All about the Workplace -- How Great Bosses Build Great Places to Work

Chapter 12:  Change is the New Normal: Lead the Way

Chapter 13:  What's It Really Like to Work Here, Boss?

Chapter 14:  Management is a Team Sport:  How to Manage Your Boss, Your Deputies (and Even Your Stress)

Chapter 15:  For Great Bosses, It's Always About the Values


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