Here's what they're saying about Jill Geisler's book -- "WORK HAPPY: WHAT GREAT BOSSES KNOW":

I’ve seen Jill Geisler in action. She has an uncanny ability to unravel the most complicated workplace problems and come up with creative solutions to resolve them. Combine those insights with the fact that she is also a cracker jack writer and the result is a book that will come in handy whether you’re running a newsroom or a construction site – I know because I’ve worked in both. -- Bob Schieffer CBS News Chief Washington Correspondent

Want to be a Great Boss? Then read WORK HAPPY, which explains with detailed work plans and assessment tools how to create a great work environment that gets results. Get one book for yourself -- and another for your boss too. You'll both be happier for it! -- Charlene Li,  Author, Open Leadership and co-author, Groundswell

Jill has a talent for making great leadership seem slap-your-forehead simple. That's because her work in WORK HAPPY sits atop mountainous research and real-life experience that has been honed and scrutinized by some of the most exacting leaders around. The result is practical, rock-solid advice that you're ready to act on before she's done talking. -- Keith Woods, vice president for diversity in news and operations, NPR

Geisler ...has distilled years of management experience and study into this practical step-by-step guide to improving leadership skills. ...This positive, useful work is sure to be a go-to manual for those new to management -- Publishers Weekly - full review

WORK HAPPY is an accessible, useful encyclopedia of managerial guidance artfully drawn from Jill Geisler’s years as a master boss, learner, teacher and coach. I just wish she had written it forty years ago…would have saved me lots of angst. --- Marty Linsky, co-author Leadership on the Line and The Practice of Adaptive Leadership

Want to love your job and reap the rewards of a productive staff? The secrets to achieve that are found in the pages of WORK HAPPY, as Jill Geisler challenges everything you know to manage yourself in order to lead others to success. -- Susana Schuler, vice president of news, Raycom Media

Simply put, this book is a gift. A gift to any young manager in a new stretch assignment. A gift to any senior executive seeking to inspire a workforce. A gift to anyone driven to learn how to become a better leader. Those of us lucky enough to have been blessed to spend time in the company of the incomparable Jill Geisler have eagerly awaited WORK HAPPY. Her humor, intelligence and warmth, captured within these pages, offer the reader an indispensable blend of best practices and comforting thoughts. Jill Geisler has created a safe place to think about becoming a better boss.  Which makes her something of a gift, too. -- Rob King, senior vice president, ESPN

“In the 1970s, Geisler (leadership & management, Poynter Instit.) was an energetic young reporter for a major market television station. After being promoted to news director, which required leading a staff of 50, she spent several decades honing her management skills in the news industry. Geisler draws her insights for this book from her curriculum at the Poynter Institute as well as the 360-degree feedback instrument she developed, a performance review that includes feedback from all levels of the organization, i.e., supervisors, staff, coworkers, and customers. Through reading the text, doing the exercises (which necessitate some serious soul-searching and self-critiquing), and putting her ideas into practice, readers can increase the level of happiness at the workplaces they manage. The examples she shares—both positive and negative employee critiques of bosses—are especially helpful in distinguishing between managerial behavior that will inspire rather than infuriate. VERDICT Though there are no earth-shattering revelations in these pages, Geisler offers sound advice for managers on how to be the kind of bosses employees like as well as respect. If her ideas were as easy to implement as they are to read, the workplace would indeed be much improved. — Carol Elsen, Univ. of Wisconsin Libs., Whitewater”  - Library Journal

Jill Geisler's writing mirrors her compelling workshops.  WORK HAPPY is a smart and substantive book that offers meaningful, practical advice to leaders at all levels in any organization. -- Robert M. Steele, Ph.D., director of the Janet Prindle Institute for Ethics, De Pauw University.

In a crisp, clear, upbeat style, Geisler cracks the code for what it takes to lead and to manage, even in times of change.  Her experience as a leader, a coach and a trainer of leaders comes through on every page.  If you face the complex challenge of being your best as a leader and manager, WORK HAPPY puts a management guru by your side. -- Peggy Holman, author, Engaging Emergence: Turning Upheaval into Opportunity and co-author, The Change Handbook

WORK HAPPY harnesses knowledge, experience and expertise to deliver practical, research-based suggestions for every person in a management position. Each chapter combines useful information, opportunities for self-reflection, interesting case examples, and no-nonsense responses for nearly every situation. I would recommend Work Happy to starting managers and to those with extensive experience. It’s a helpful reminder of the importance of developing and nurturing relationships every day. It’s a great read!  -- Don Schutt, Ph.D. Director, Office of Human Resource Development, University of Wisconsin-Madison

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