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Umm, What If You’re Wrong, Boss?

Notbossy Funny mug, right?  I found it at the dollar store and bought it to remind myself how easy it is for managers to persuade themselves they're right.  But often, they're not.  They find out through evaluations, conversations -- and sometimes confrontations -- that they're doing something wrong.


That's when managers who aspire to be great bosses do something important: they act on the feedback. They take the steps necessary to fix a problem they caused or a behavior that's getting in their way. PoynterLogoFinalGreen


Those steps are the topic of my latest column on Poynter.org: When Bosses Fumble: Five Steps for Rebuilding Your Reputation. Just click on this link to read it.


And, for your listening pleasure, here's my companion podcast for the column:


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Video: The Author’s Copies Arrive!

This was the scene today as two boxes arrived at the Poynter Institute, to my attention.  This was the day I'd been waiting for -- to see the final, final product: the hard cover edition of my book.  I carried the boxes into the office of Julie Moos, who is the editor of our institute's web publication.  I refer to her as the "midwife" of the book, because she's been the editor of my "Great Bosses" columns, helped develop the iTunes U podcasts, and held my hand through every step of the book process.   When she saw me, her eyes lit up and she guessed what was up.  She handed me her scissors, grabbed her cell phone camera, and said she wanted to record as I saw the hard cover version of the book for the first time. Here's the unboxing -- as it happened: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6XMYDSkUPg Thanks, Julie!
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