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In Stock Now on!

Although the official release date is June 5,  Amazon is already selling and shipping copies of the book.  Several people who had pre-ordered told me this week they received emails from Amazon, letting them know the book would be shipped early to them.  Amazon also now has the "Look Inside the Book" feature activated, so you are able to get a good sense of the content.  I have always appreciated that feature -- and often purchased a book based on the strength of the Table of Contents! I'm especially delighted that the first review was posted by my colleague Roy Peter Clark.  He's the author of multiple books on writing and has had a profound impact on writers in all genres. He also encouraged me to turn my teaching and columns into a book, and has been very helpful along the way. Here's what he wrote:
5.0 out of 5 stars This Book Will Change Your Work Life, May 16, 2012
This review is from: Work Happy: What Great Bosses Know (Hardcover)
My colleague Jill Geisler has written her first book, and it's a humdinger: "Work Happy: What Great Bosses Know." At first, I was puzzled by the title. So few people express happiness in their work that it seemed to espouse a quixotic,almost impossible dream. But that's the point, isn't it? Whatever endeavor we choose -- or chooses us -- there is a direct connection between our productivity and our emotional satisfaction on the job. The subtitle suggests that it will be a great boss who creates the conditions for a productive and satisfying work life, with this caveat: Some of the unhappiest workers we know bear the title of boss, and their problems, we have all learned the hard way, flow downhill and become our problems. Leadership, Geisler teaches us, is not the work of bosses alone. Each of us carries some burden of leadership, which, when embraced and practiced, can turn into something powerful, even joyful. Jill Geisler brings long experience as a media leader to the writing of this book. Her strategies have been field tested and shared widely through her teaching at the Poynter Institute and through her iTunesU podcasts, which have been downloaded in the millions. Anyone who aspires to a leadership position of any kind at any organization should read this book and put its advice to work -- today.
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Video: The Author’s Copies Arrive!

This was the scene today as two boxes arrived at the Poynter Institute, to my attention.  This was the day I'd been waiting for -- to see the final, final product: the hard cover edition of my book.  I carried the boxes into the office of Julie Moos, who is the editor of our institute's web publication.  I refer to her as the "midwife" of the book, because she's been the editor of my "Great Bosses" columns, helped develop the iTunes U podcasts, and held my hand through every step of the book process.   When she saw me, her eyes lit up and she guessed what was up.  She handed me her scissors, grabbed her cell phone camera, and said she wanted to record as I saw the hard cover version of the book for the first time. Here's the unboxing -- as it happened: Thanks, Julie!
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8 Tips for Building Trust in Teams

Isn't this a great picture?  It's dynamic, iconic -- it represents a real team with real trust.  The best part of all, is that it isn't some stock photo.  It's a real event.  It wasn't posed.  In fact, it happened in an instant.  I know because I was there.  My hand is in that circle.  But let me be clear: I didn't instigate it.  I just chose to take part, just as every other person did.  This photo is the jumping off point for a column I've written in my "What Great Bosses Know" series for the Poynter Institute. The column offers eight tips for leaders who want to build strong, high performing teams.  It takes trust to build and sustain a true team.  So, here's a link to the column, (just click on the highlighted words to get there) with all eight tips, and the interesting back story of how that picture came to life. (Photo credit to Scott Simmie of The Toronto Star.)
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In these multi-media times, it's important to share information in every possible format.  That's why this site exists, along with a Facebook page for the book. But we can't overlook the world of video, can we? Since I worked for many years in broadcast journalism before becoming an educator -- (and since the man I married owns a production company) -- it was logical that we'd produce a video for the book. The picture you see was taken at Midland Video Productions, against a green screen.  That screen allows the post-production team to apply text and images, to insert a creative background, all to help illustrate the information about the book.  The video is now on YouTube and Vimeo, but of course, you can see it right here:  
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