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Three Secrets of Happy Employees: Jill Geisler’s Interview for Entrepreneur.com

Gwen Moran, a columnist for Entrepreneur.com, recently contacted me to talk about "WORK HAPPY: WHAT GREAT BOSSES KNOW" and the lessons it holds for improving workplaces.  From that interview, she developed a useful list of tips for managers who want to improve quality and productivity, by making the workplace better for employees.  I like the way she synthesized some of the many pages of advice from the book into three key ingredients to a happy workplace:
  1. A supervisor who cares
  2. Sincere and specific praise and feedback
  3. A supportive and fair workplace culture
Here's a link to Moran's full column, "Three Secrets to Happy Employees" and my advice for developing those key ingredients.  Of course, to really know how to make it happen, I think you just have to read the book.  Keep leading, friends.        
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