Great Bosses Boot Camp in New Orleans

I  had a terrific time leading a day-long "Great Bosses Boot Camp" in advance of the Excellence in Journalism 2011 convention in New Orleans.  The room was so packed, we had to add tables to accommodate people.  I'm always impressed at the commitment of managers to learn more about how to help people grow. This was a diverse group, representing TV, radio, online, the military, non-profit organizations, college professors, and even people from Angie's List and AARP.  How's that for a interesting cross-section of managers? Whenever I teach, I start with the assumption that there's an abundance of wisdom already in the room, and it's my job to integrate it into my presentations.  I can't imagine conducting a session for managers that isn't interactive and gives them plenty of opportunities to teach each other. In this workshop, we covered Ten Things Great Bosses Know, did a master class on feedback and how managers can improve and increase it. We spent time on handling tough conversations and managing the boss. At the end, we did a lightning round in which everyone chimed in with an idea and action they're taking home.  My sincere applause to the managers who could have spent a lovely day in New Orleans sightseeing on the day before a convention kickoff, but went to Great Bosses Boot Camp instead.  
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