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Why Can’t We Just Do Things My Way?

That's the title I often use when I teach the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator in my leadership seminars.  It's a widely used instrument that helps us understand the fascinating range of personality differences among perfectly normal people.  I always use real-life management experiences to make it more than a theoretical exercise.  People often tell me it is among the most eye-opening session in a workshop. Why?  I think it's because I tee things up so they experience  surprises and discoveries throughout, but most important -- they find practical tools to use as managers. In my book "WORK HAPPY: WHAT GREAT BOSSES KNOW' I devote a chapter to the importance of managing different personality types -- and how to do it.  The most effective managers know that they can't treat everyone alike -- and know how to manage across and even leverage personality differences. I've written about the Myers-Briggs in my columns for  Just click on this link if you'd like a peek.  It's a small taste of the kind of learning you'll gain in so many areas from "WORK HAPPY: WHAT GREAT BOSSES KNOW."  
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Another Step in the Birth of the Book!

It's always fun to receive an unexpected package from UPS -- and this one was fantastic!  My publisher sent review copies of "WORK HAPPY: WHAT GREAT BOSSES KNOW." It's the next step in the birth of the book, which will be published June 5th of this year.  I've had so many people ask me to suggest a book that would help them with many of the management and leadership subjects I teach.  So, I decided to write it! Now it goes to reviewers who will scrutinize it, and, I hope, give it their blessing. Meanwhile, the book is already listed on, and other bookselling sites for pre-orders.  I'm working on a plan to produce customized bookplates to send to readers who would like to have a signed copy.  More on that, soon.
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12 Employees to Salute in 2012

Great bosses grow great employees.  But it's not enough to "know 'em when you see 'em."  Managers need to be able to articulate just what sets the best apart from others. Boss should describe what they do differently -- and better.  Those words are invaluable in ongoing feedback and coaching, and can turn annual evaluations from ice cold report cards into detailed road maps to success. That's why I've developed a list of 12 employees -- the kind every boss wants on his or her team.  If you have these folks, salute them, celebrate them -- and make certain you help others learn how to emulate their success.  You can read my list of 12 top employees by clicking this link, which takes you directly to my "What Great Bosses Know" column and podcast on Poynter. org. I also share the special management challenges that great bosses address on behalf of each of those high performing staffers.  Hope you enjoy the list -- and have plenty of staffers who would qualify for inclusion. Just a reminder that you can also download my podcast of the "12 Great Employees" list and our complete free library of management lessons on iTunes U.  Here's the link.  
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