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5 “Praise Erasers” That Undercut Your Feedback

You're a manager who wants to deliver good feedback.  You know your employees want to know where they stand, so you try to provide a steady diet of positive as well as negative feedback. Why then, do employees -- yours and others -- often say they get too little feedback?  And why do they feel that when they get it, it's more negative than positive? It's possible that for all your good intentions as a manager, you're actually erasing your own praise.  That's right.  It's a common problem.  That's why I've outlined the five ways bosses erase their praise.  It's my latest column and podcast for  If you click on these words, you'll go directly to the column and the podcast. I'm also happy to provide a link to the Amazon page for WORK HAPPY: WHAT GREAT BOSSES KNOW, which will be released June 5 but is available for pre-orders now.
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Now on Amazon for Pre-Orders!

Delighted to discover this on Amazon today!  "WORK HAPPY: WHAT GREAT BOSSES KNOW"  is now available for pre-ordering, well in advance of the June 5 , 2012 publication date.  It's quite thrilling to see a book come to life before one's eyes.  To all of you who have been subscribing to the "Great Bosses" podcasts on iTunes U, I can now point you in the direction of the book that builds on those ideas.  We're calling it a workshop-in-a-book.  It's designed for bosses at any level of an organization -- and even those who aspire to become managers in the future. The cover designers did a wonderful job of adapting the color palette of the original "What Great Bosses Know" logo , while giving it a fresh look for its fresh content. You can find the Amazon pre-order page by clicking on these highlighted words, or by going to this web address:  
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Leadership Academy 2011

Just finished a remarkable week with 30 leaders from around the world at the annual Poynter Leadership Academy.  We covered the most important topics managers wrangle with -- from managing themselves to leading others, from strategic thinking to establishing priorities so they can manage their time effectively.  Each manager started the week with our ViewPoynt Feedback, which is 360 degree feedback from bosses, peers and direct reports.  We use a narrative form.  That means respondents are encouraged to write about, not give scores to, the person's leadership.  The specificity and detail of the feedback are really appreciated by the participants. Many tell us it is the most helpful part of their week. It's a process we administer very carefully, though.  Our faculty to participant ratio is about 1 to 3, so the managers get very personalized coaching for interpreting the feedback -- and throughout the week.  Commencement this week was delightful.  After receiving their certificates, they broke out into Michael Jackson's "Thriller" dance.  The perfect end to an intense week of challenge and discovery.
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