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Jill Geisler’s New Podcast for Leaders on iTunes U!



Loyola University Chicago and I have just launched my new podcast for managers and aspiring leaders - focused on leadership, communications and integrity in these fast-paced and changing times.


Q&A: Leadership and Integrity in the Digital Age is available on iTunes U, the academic side of iTunes. Click here and a link will take you to the podcast home page on iTunes U, where you can subscribe. There are 20 episodes as we launch and I will be adding to the collection regularly.


Each podcast tackles one question important to leaders - with practical advice that can be put to use immediately. Here are some of the topics in the collection:


1. How Will This Podcast Help Me Be a Better Leader?


2. Should Managers Be Facebook Friends with Staff?


3. What Forms of Communication Work Best During Change?


4. Should Leaders Ever Lie?


5. How Can I Build a Personal Brand without Shameless Self-Promotion?


6. How Can We Fight Burnout in an “Always-On” Culture?


7. What Does “Transparency” Really Mean for Leaders?


8. Should I Check the Social Media Posts of Job Candidates?


9. Is “Ability to Multi-Task” a Valuable Skill?


10. What Is the Best Medium for Communicating an Apology?


Want a sample of the podcasts? Here's episode one:



As you may know, my first podcast series: "What Great Bosses Know" has been downloaded millions of times. I'm delighted that the leadership at Loyola, especially the Dean of the School of Communications, Don Heider, invited me to build on that popular collection with this fresh series. Hope you enjoy it!



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