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Listen Better and You’ll Communicate Better

I learn something whenever I teach leadership workshops. That's because I believe there's already abundant wisdom already in the room. It was certainly the case when I led a week-long leadership and coaching program for journalists from around the world. As you can see from the class picture, it was a smart, diverse, fun group.     MediaProject2014Class   One of the participants, E.S. Isaac of India, made an impression on everyone. His wisdom and warm smile lifted us all. Isaac has a deep belief in the power of listening.   Jill&Isaac   Isaac inherited that belief from his father, a man who had no formal education, who was illiterate for much of his life, and yet was a formidable teacher. He gently schooled Isaac on the priceless value of listening. Now, your parents and mine may have tried to tell us to listen, but I bet the message was not quite as magical as this. Listen for yourself as Isaac tells the story:     You can read more about Isaac and see a photo of his family in a column I wrote for Poynter.org. Just click here.    
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Thought for the Day: Listen

Listeningposter I love teaching about feedback, because it is integral to effective leadership and to performance management. We usually think of feedback as the messages managers share, positive and negative, and the way they are delivered.


That's true, but it's only part of the feedback story. I think listening is an especially powerful form of feedback. How does a person feel when he or she is truly listened to? When someone in power takes time to take in the thoughts and feelings of others? It's an important way to say "You matter." "Your ideas are valued." "I understand."


And here's the bonus: Listening costs us nothing, but can have a great return on investment.


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