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Great Bosses Boot Camp – November 9 at Poynter

Want to boost your team's performance?   Spend a great day at Poynter for our Great Bosses Boot Camp: Performance Management.  My colleague Butch Ward and I will help you learn the secrets to providing the kind of feedback -- both positive and negative -- that employees say is lacking in most workplaces today. Your day at Poynter will be one of the most interactive, fun and practical learning experiences of your management career.  You'll learn skills you will be able to put to work immediately. You can register for this program online.  Here's a link to information and registration. See you in November!  
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10 Secrets Your Great Boss Never Told You

My latest column on blows the cover on something many people don't know: Their bosses keep secrets from them.  In fact, great bosses keep very specific secrets from employees. They do it not to be mysterious or misleading. They do it to help people.  So, what are those secrets? I made a list of ten of them for my latest "What Great Bosses Know" column on  I wrote it in recognition of a holiday I didn't even know existed: National Boss Day  -- which the calendar (and greeting card companies) say is October 16. Here's a link to the column. Perhaps, after reading it, you'll take a moment to thank a great boss, on October 16 -- or any day of the year.
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Three Secrets of Happy Employees: Jill Geisler’s Interview for

Gwen Moran, a columnist for, recently contacted me to talk about "WORK HAPPY: WHAT GREAT BOSSES KNOW" and the lessons it holds for improving workplaces.  From that interview, she developed a useful list of tips for managers who want to improve quality and productivity, by making the workplace better for employees.  I like the way she synthesized some of the many pages of advice from the book into three key ingredients to a happy workplace:
  1. A supervisor who cares
  2. Sincere and specific praise and feedback
  3. A supportive and fair workplace culture
Here's a link to Moran's full column, "Three Secrets to Happy Employees" and my advice for developing those key ingredients.  Of course, to really know how to make it happen, I think you just have to read the book.  Keep leading, friends.        
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