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Listen: KQED Radio Interview with Jill Geisler on Good and Bad Bosses

KQED radio in San Francisco is one of the country's most popular NPR member stations.  One of its signature programs is "Forum" with host Michael Krasny.  On Thursday, August 24, I spent a delightful hour discussing the joys and challenges of management and leadership with Krasny and callers.  We discussed the skills and values of bosses, both bad and good.  We took  calls from listeners asking for advice.  Later that night, at a book signing in Palo Alto, several attendees told me they were drawn to the event because of what they heard and learned while listening to Forum that morning.  This is a link to the audio of the show, along with a summary of the conversation. This shot was taken after the program.  With me are my friend and San Francisco host Dawn Garcia, Deputy Director of the Knight Fellowships at Stanford, then right are Raul Ramirez, News Director of KQED and Forum host Michael Krasny.   
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Jill Geisler’s “WORK HAPPY: WHAT GREAT BOSSES KNOW” Book Talk at Books Inc. – Palo Alto, August 23

I'm looking forward to my trip to California to talk about WORK HAPPY: WHAT GREAT BOSSES KNOW.  I'll be speaking at Books Inc. in Palo Alto at 7pm.  At the talk, I'll read a bit from some of my favorite parts of the book, but I really look forward to having a conversation with people about the skills and values that are important to managers. Many of my book talks have turned into problem-solving sessions.  People in leadership roles are often hungry for insights into dealing with change, conflict, motivation, collaboration and innovation.  It's a delight to share ideas and insights with these smart and caring folks.  Here's a link to the Books Inc. website with info. Earlier that day, I'll appear on KQED-FM's "Forum" program for a freewheeling conversation about the book, management and leadership.  That's scheduled for 10am.
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Go Ahead, Be Power Hungry – for These 10 Powers of Leadership

Repeat after me.  "I am a power hungry leader."  Those words sound more like a confession than an aspiration, don't they?  But I'll argue that true leaders are indeed power hungry and they should be, provided it's for the right reasons.  That's a message I make clear time and again in "WORK HAPPY: WHAT GREAT BOSSES KNOW' and the message I shared in a recent commencement address I delivered.  I listed ten distinct powers I wanted the graduates to have and to share. I turned that commencement address into a column and podcast for  Here's a link so you can read all ten -- and even one bonus power, too!
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Jill Geisler to Discuss “WORK HAPPY: WHAT GREAT BOSSES KNOW” at the Milwaukee Press Club August 8, 2012

The Milwaukee Press Club boasts that it is the oldest continuously operating press club in North America.  It was born in Milwaukee way back in 1885.  And no, I wasn't a charter member!  But through my years in journalism, I attended many Press Club events.  I write about one of them in "WORK HAPPY: WHAT GREAT BOSSES KNOW", the story of whisking a great employee and his bride from their wedding reception to a Press Club awards banquet via limousine, just so he could accept the numerous awards he had earned.  The happy couple were the hit of the night as they walked down the awards aisle in tux and gown.  Moments later we had them back at their wedding celebration. On Tuesday, August 8 at 5:30pm, I'll be at the Press Club's Newsroom Pub on Wells Street, for a book talk and signing.  Click here for details. Later this year I have the great honor of being involved in another Press Club event -- induction into the Club's Hall of Fame.  Quite a fun year!
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Jill Geisler Delivers Duquesne University Leadership School Commencement Address

Saturday, August 4, I had the honor of delivering the commencement address to the 2012 graduates of the Duquesne University School of Leadership and Professional Advancement.  Graduates assembled in the University's Palumbo Center to receive graduate and undergraduate degrees in a variety of leadership study areas of concentration.  Many were working professionals who combined their studies with full time jobs, including a good number from the military.  The University live streamed the event for those who could not attend in person. My hosts from the School of Leadership were living proof of the values they teach.  Smart, collegial, proactive and fun.  They made the weekend extraordinary.  Here are a few pictures from the weekend, beginning with the book signing and talk on Friday night at the campus Barnes and Noble.

The Friday night crowd included alums, faculty and members of the graduating class.

When I sign books, I like to personalize the message, even if I'm meeting a person for the first time.  A few questions and there's always a story or a connection to note.

Dean Dorothy Bassett of the School of Leadership and Professional Advancement welcomes the crowd and introduces the speaker.

I shared thoughts from one of my favorite columns, "Ten Things Great Bosses Know" with the group.

Saturday, it was time for commencement ceremonies.

The proud graduates.

My commencement speech was titled "More Power to You."  I plan to turn it into a column and podcast soon, so stay tuned!


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Jill Geisler Delivers Leadership Commencement Address at Duquesne University – August 4

In 2004, I was among the graduates in attendance at the August commencement  ceremonies at Duquesne University's School of Leadership and Professional Advancement.  It was the first time I had set foot on the school's lovely Pittsburgh campus, because I had earned my masters degree through its online program.  This weekend, I will return to the campus, but this time I will be addressing the class. The University invited me to serve as this year's commencement speaker and I am deeply honored to do so.  I'm told that many of the graduates in attendance will have stories similar to my own.  They are professionals with a deep interest in leadership studies and who incorporated their undergraduate or graduate degrees into their busy work lives. This is a photo from my commencement program in 2004.  This year's event will be more high-tech.  Duquesne will be live streaming the program in HD.  Here is information from the school's website on the graduation ceremony and how to view it online. I think it's a terrific service for families and friends who might not be able to be there to witness their favorite grad's great day -- and even for some of the many far-flung online grads who couldn't make the trip as I did, to experience the day on site. I've written my speech -- and will very likely turn it into a future column and podcast.  (No sneak previews here.  I want to share it for the first time with the grads.) This event is one of the true joys that come with publishing a book like "WORK HAPPY: WHAT GREAT BOSSES KNOW." Duquesne has set up a special book talk and signing at the campus Barnes and Noble the evening of Friday, August 3. Quite a weekend!  
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